Refund Policy

Guarantees - Merch

If there are any defects in products purchased, these can be returned within 14 days from day of purchase to receive a full refund. The refund will be issued once defective items are received. Refunds will not be issued for items that are not defective. E.g. wrong size, or change of mind of purchase. Please email: to notify us of the issue and confirm address to return defective items. Please include the receipt of freight to send product back which will be included as part of the refund. If this postage receipt is not received, only the cost of the item will be refunded.

Donation Refunds

A refund of any donation will be made without question if the customer contacts us within 14 days of donation transaction, confirming that a wrong donation amount has been made or reconsideration of donation. Please contact: to advise request for donation refund.


Email: Please include name, email and contact details, as well as a description of issues or refund sought.
Phone: 0437 150 775

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