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Levi-X is a young singer/saxophonist (13 yo), based in Queensland. Levi has been performing at several markets in North Brisbane with his father since he was 11 years old, entertaining crowds with his saxophone and singing. He plays all genres of music but has a style that is rooted in light Jazz improvisation.

Amazing Grace (Grace Amazing) Video

Amazing Grace (Grace Amazing) is a new interpretation of the well know traditional song, and digs into the song’s history and meaning with the rawness and innocence of 12 year singer, Levi-X. The songs uncomplicated composition aims to delicately remind us of the youthful simplicity where we start life; a place that we often seek to return along the tumultuous journey that life often unknowingly takes us. 

Amazing Grace (Grace Amazing) is Levi-X’s debut recording, who he wrote with his father, and is played with his older brother (aged 15) on guitar. Levi-X both sings and plays saxophone on this single.

I Need to Be Me (Live)

I Need to Be Me is Levi-X’s first song written wholly by himself, aged 12, lyrics and music. The magic of this song is not only the way the song melodically flows and sweeps its listeners into an emotional centre but is also about the strength and depth of the how the lyrics speak to people of all ages.
“To be the person I need to be….I need to be me”. A simple truism relevant to young and old, whatever your walk of life. Aim to be truthful to yourself - who you are – what you stand for. Then comes the matching counterbalance in the song – the recognition that to really be yourself, is never a path without failure, but it is a worthwhile goal to keep reaching for. “I know I'm trying again…I gotta get back up then.”
Levi X and Dad
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Sax, singing and guitar – a fully live acoustic set with LeviX and his brother Gabe.

   Levi X bring a new dynamic to offer a mix of soulful songs and classics. A perfect combination for large or small venues.
Levi X teams up with his dad to cover a wide range of songs live. From 1930’s swing/jazz and gosepls, to 70’s and 80’s rock, through to the latest songs. No genre is off limits.

Playing mostly at markets around Brisbane, Levi X and Dad’s Live Jukebox has over 70 songs that people can choose from – ensuring a set list specific for the people who come an listen to us.

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